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Adjustable Sway Bar Kit, BMW M3 E46 chassis 2001 - 2006
    Adjustable Sway Bar Kit, BMW M3 E46 chassis 2001 - 2006
    Purchase Adjustable Sway Bar Kit, BMW M3 E46 chassis 2001 - 2006
    • Adjustable Sway Bar Kit, BMW M3 E46 chassis 2001 - 2006
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    The Racing Dynamics adjustable sway bar kit for BMW M3 E46 chassis Coupe and Cabriolet. For other E46 models see 196 81 46 100. This sway bar kit improves your handling and gives you the tight sporty cornering you expect from your sports car. The front sway bar is 30 mm with 3 adjustment points allowing the driver to set up the stiffness he desires for the type of driving he enjoys. The stiffest settings gives the driver the least amount of body roll at high speed driving events such as weekend days at the local race track. The rear sway bar is 25.5 mm with 3 adjustment points. Sway bar kit comes with 4 high performance urethane bushings with RACING DYNAMICS logo, 2 for the front bar and 2 for the rear bar. Kit includes 2 adjustable heim joint end links to attach the rear sway bar to the chassis. Front bar uses standard sway bar attachment linkage.

    Why our sway bar kit is the best!

    1) Our kit gives the most adjustability: 3 adjustment points in the front and 3 adjustment points in the rear. The outer holes are the softest, inner holes are for the stiffer setup. Each bar has high quality forged ends for precision mounting. Each bar is powder coated for a long lasting finish and resistance to corrosion.2) Your BMW tends to under steer as do most front engine cars. Our sway bar kit balances the car better in hard corning by increasing the rear bar to 24 mm. Some sway bar manufacturers use smaller diameter rear bars to reduce cost.3) When setting up your sway bars it is very easy to get unbalanced and install the bars with pre loading. We included 2 complete sets of adjustable end links with race style heim joints for the rear bar since that bar can be more difficult to adjust. These links allow the installer to lengthen or shorten the link depending upon the initial sway bar preload. Most other suppliers do not include these to reduce cost.4) When you compare all the items and features of our kit it winds up being the highest quality and best value for your BMW.