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The History of Electrodyne

Electrodyne custom built its 35,000 square foot facility in Alexandria, VA in 1985.

Electrodyne, Inc. was formed in 1968 as a manufacturer of vibration test equipment for the aerospace industry. It produced electronic and electromechanical equipment to simulate the vibrations encountered in aircraft flight, missile flight, and other modes of transportation. After the successful “Man on the Moon” in 1969, the purchase of equipment for this portion of the economy slowed down and management looked for new endeavors. Most of the engineers and technical people owned sports cars and were car enthusiasts.

Since our vibration equipment was sold world wide, personal travels took us to Europe. In 1972 we started buying parts for our sports cars, primarily Porsche, and thus Electrodyne was transformed from a technical manufacturer of aerospace test equipment to an importer of parts and accessories. This transformation was complete in 1975.

Electrodyne became the exclusive importer for many major German and Italian companies including MOMO, Nardi/Personal, Carello, Supersprint, Recaro, FOHA etc. Electrodyne formed a professional race team in 1979 and raced Porsches at the highest level on the IMSA circuit from 1979-1990, winning numerous times. This close affinity for high performance cars gave Electrodyne the technical expertise for its return to manufacturing.

In the mid 80's Electrodyne could see world trade was changing significantly, as the US dollar was losing value against many foreign currencies. Electrodyne decided that it must become more dominant in its marketing position and decided to explore manufacturing its own line of products. Electrodyne discovered a small company manufacturing BMW accessories and thought the concept had merit. The current management of Electrodyne purchased the assets of the original Racing Dynamics and formed a sister company to Electrodyne named Racing Dynamics Inc. in 1987.

Over the next 15 years, a very fine line of BMW styling and performance accessories has been produced by Racing Dynamics Inc. and marketed at various times, with Racing Dynamics Italy covering all models of BMW's from the early 80's until today. Most of the products producted by Racing Dynamics Inc were exported to Italy and sold throughout the world by Racing Dynamics importers.

Electrodyne also had a strong relationship with Kamei GmbH of Germany, and when Kamei management decided to close their North American manufacturing facility in Connecticut, Electrodyne decided to purchase it. The complete factory was moved to the Electrodyne facility in Alexandria, Virginia in 1991. This was the foundation of the “FREEDOM DESIGN” line of products.

The Freedom Design program has expanded continually and now covers most European, Asian and domestic car models. Products include aerodynamic styling, rear spoilers, sport exhaust, suspension components, and alloy road wheels.

Brands carried by Electrodyne


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