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Porsche 935/930S Race Car

Porsche 930S in 935 race trim for the 24 hrs of Daytona

Manfred Shurti and Dick Barbour driving. Finished 2nd overall.

It was raced under various colors including Apple Computer, Style Auto, and Red Roof Inns. Many famous drivers drove this car to victory: Johnny Rutherford, Rick Mears, Bobby Rahal, Brian Redman, Paul Neuman, John Fitzpatrick, Bob Garretson and others.

The car was put in storage at that time. Electrodyne Performance purchased the car in late 1984 after crashing their 934/935 during practice at Riverside Raceway in California. Electrodyne raced it successfully in 1985, 86 and 87.

Porsche 930S/935 turning onto the back straight at Road Atlanta

Car has been Sold!!

This car raced from 1978 through 1987. The car has raced in 72 races, won 2 major international races, 2 IMSA championships and covered well over 70,000 racing miles. This car was originally purchased by Dick Barbour at the end of 1977. This car has more important sports car race history than any other race car.

Its debut was the 1978 24 hrs of Daytona with Johnny Rutherford.

In 1982 Wayne Baker purchased this 935 and converted it to a 934 and raced it in GTO. In 1983 Wayne won the Sebring 12-hour overall 1st place. The first time that a GTO car had ever won the prestigious event. Wayne won the GTO series championship in 1983.

Porsche 930S/935 battling the competition in the streets of West Palm Beach

There are enough body parts to make this car a 930S or a 935. There are considerable other engine and suspension spares, enough to build as a twin turbo 935 or as it is a 930S. The chassis number ends in 0030.

Porsche 930S/935 taking the finish flag at Road Atlanta for another high finish